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Role: Co-Founder
Date: Oct 2015 - Present

Boise logo desgin testmettle

testmettle's logo derives from the alchemical symbol for gold. The ingredients used to create gold were referred to as the "test metals". Alchemy predates the standardization of English spelling and in many alchemical documents, "metal" and "mettle" were used interchangeably.

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testmettle is a conceptual business model my Co-Founder and I are currently working on. It consists of an online consulting platform creating a competitive environment where students compete amongst one another to propose their best solutions to small business problems. Students will earn resume credentials, letters of recommendation, and scholarships, while small businesses will receive affordable consulting. We seek to create a community of students and small businesses benefiting one another to generate economic growth, and better representation in the job market.

Because this venture will be self funded, optimizing budget allocations is a necessity. The targeting strategy is highly localized to Boise State's campus for now, allowing for better utilization of ad spend on social media and SEM. This localization is portrayed by the familiar renderings of Boise landmarks and architecture, meant to attract the usually distracted eye of the scrolling consumer.

testmettle LLC has not officially launched yet, but even as a concept, we hold the number one Google search ranking spot for the search term earn resume credentials. Furthermore, the Idaho Statesman has been so helpful to write an inspirational article about our business ventures.

Brand Photography and Advertising in Boise

The unique ability for students to earn resume credentials on-the-go is summed up by the simple yet effective tag line "testmettle. Anywhere". This was used as a Facebook sponsored ad targeted to Boise State Students. The familiar backdrop of the BSU Administration building is subtly shown to reduce "ad blindness" when scrolling through the newsfeed.

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Graphic Designer

This is my artist rendition of the historic Idanha Building in downtown Boise. I admire the detail and time put into victorian architecture and I hope to show that same level of expertise in my efforts at testmettle LLC.

*I only take credit for the storyboard, script and overall concept of this explainer video. The animation is accredited to animakerr, and the voice over is accredited to audiofile from Fiverr's services.