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testmettle's logo derives from the alchemical symbol for gold. The ingredients used to create gold were referred to as the "test metals". Alchemy predates the standardization of English spelling and in many alchemical documents, "metal" and "mettle" were used interchangeably.

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My name is James Effarah. I'm a cigar aficionado with a running problem, I fold my clothes with a cutting board and I have a pretty unique scar on my signature.

I wish I lived in a world of suits, ties, and "yes sir/ ma'am" mannerisms, but we can't always have what we want. Call me out-dated, but that is the environment where I find my creativity. In this trend-obsessed world, you could say my appreciation of classical etiquette and a good book by the fire place is what sets me apart.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I live under a rock. I still succumb to the occasional Netfilx binge and nothing sounds better than going out with some friends for a drink... or 7 (I mean, I was what you would call a "frat boy," you know).

Anyway, this is my portfolio of my work including digital marketing, all sorts of design work, entrepreneurial ventures, copy writing, and web design (Hint: I designed and developed the website you're on). Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. Let me know if you need anything.


James Effarah
Managing Partner, BH&Co.

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The unique ability for students to earn resume credentials on-the-go is summed up by the simple yet effective tag line "testmettle. Anywhere". This was used as a Facebook sponsored ad targeted to Boise State Students. The familiar backdrop of the BSU Administration building is subtly shown to reduce "ad blindness" when scrolling through the newsfeed.

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This is my artist rendition of the historic Idanha Building in downtown Boise. I admire the detail and time put into victorian architecture and I hope to show that same level of expertise in my efforts at testmettle LLC.

*I only take credit for the storyboard, script and overall concept of this explainer video. The animation is accredited to animakerr, and the voice over is accredited to audiofile from Fiverr's services.